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one isnt the lonliest number...

life is definately overated. as we grow up its instilled in us by our parents, the media , our friends, that you need to go to school ,get a job, fall in love ,get married and have a family. well fuck that, fuck everyone as a matter of fact, im alone, and probably always will be. they say theres someone out there for everyone and i dont believe that,i dont believe that at all. there is no love in my life, there is no emotion, the blood in my veins runs cold, life has fucked me over. sometimes i wish that i was never created because i dont think i can handle how miserable i feel. no one can love some one who is unlovable. i hate being overlooked or being used as a convience. well fuck it im not going to waste my time calling people and trying to hang out with them b/c if they were my friends they would remember to call me. im done,thats all i can say . im not here for people use when they need something. and i know its sounds like i probably deserve to be miserable but god knows ive tried and now im just tired of trying. one isnt the lonliest number when the would sucks.

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:( I f I knew your number, I'd call you! I hate to see that you feel so awful...God knows I've been there. Regardless, you are a great person, and never forget it. CAll me anytime! (339) 368-0520. ~Nicole
honey you know i love you, and you know i'd do anything for you...hell, you've done a lot for're a wonderful person and an awsome friend. :)