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the commonwealth of massachusetts vs. "buddy willow"

this is so fucking queer , i got a summons the other day in the mail. it for the commenwealth VS some kid, and i like who the fuck is this. my sister got one too so im like what the fuck because the day they want me at court is next week, nothing like giving you notice huh. i gotta work that day and i can not afford to lose the pay. anywho last year my car got robbed in my driveway and the case is against the kid that did it. so i assume im gonna have to make a statment as to what of mine was stolen. i guess their charging him with larceny and some other shit and i want the kid to get what he deserves but it just sucks that i have to miss what and shit. hey i dont make alot of money so i need all the hours i can get. anywho hopefully this wont waste my life, i better be in and out. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................................
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